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170 Pretoria Avenue

Ottawa's process for the approval of new developments is in need of restructuring. Much too often, residents end up feeling like consultations were mere talking and listening events, resulting in little or no impact, while developers readily acquire the variances they seek.

There is a proposal in place to demolish another period home in our community - 170 Pretoria Avenue. In its place, a 4 story, 6 unit building - with no parking - is proposed. The concerns resulting from this proposal are many - the decrease in sunlight for adjacent properties, which are all two story homes; the jarring visual effect of such a large building on a street of smaller scale homes; the demolition of a period property; and questions about how such a unit fits within a community plan.

The recently approved 65-story tower set for 900 Albert Street shows what can result if this trend continues. In truth, something egregious on your street might well be next. Communities need a meaningful voice - the restoration of some balance in the development process.

My proposal is for a Counter-Variance By-Law, requiring that variances that are the subject of a successful petition - signed by a pre-set number of residents within a pre-designated impact area - be squashed. In the absence of such a by-law, I am asking that you please sign this petition, for submission to City Hall. It'll help make the point about the need for a Counter-Variance By-Law, as well as about the need to rein in the excesses contemplated for 170 Pretoria Avenue.

Click Below for the Petition to Stop Developer Variance at 170 Pretoria Avenue

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