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There is much to celebrate about Ottawa. Ours is a vibrant city, with a legacy that includes heritage infrastructure, leafy neighborhoods, parks, bicycle paths, waterways, work and play places, world class health facilities, and a cherished diversity. Still, we must not allow our good legacy to give room to complacency. There is much that can be better in our city.
Jide Afolabi

Thank you for visiting our donations page.

A donation is a statement of belief - in the candidate and in the platform. So, your presence here is an honour.

The amount you give will help propel Ottawa towards the change that this campaign believes is possible.

It will result in signage throughout Capital Ward, so our campaign is readily visible to voters.

It will help book spaces for meet and greets between voters and Jide, so more people can share in your belief and in the power of the possible.

It will assist with mailing, and printing, and our telephone outreach efforts.

In brief, the amount you give will do good in our community, and help elect a proven hard worker, a doer and a bridge builder to City Hall, with an unflinching focus on a better Ottawa.

Of course, we should also note that a City of Ottawa rebate is available for donations:
  • donations over $25 and under $100 get 50% back;
  • those over $100 and up to $200 get $50 plus 25% of the amount over $100 back, so that for example, a $200 donation would result in the maximum rebate of $75, meaning you only really put out $125; and
  • those over $200 remain capped at a $75 maximum rebate, but they are the subject of a much louder "thank you" from our campaign team!
For the purposes of the rebate, receipts will be issued for all donations.

To donate, please proceed below. You can change the $25 indicated to any amount of your choosing.

Please discount your intended donation by roughly 25%. Our donations solution is denominated in US dollars due to the fact that our solution provider is USA-based. This was discovered too late in the campaign to make a successful switch to a Canadian company.

We thank you.
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