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I have known Jide Afolabi for a decade. During that time he has always impressed me with his intelligence, his kindness, his belief in the human spirit and of the value in public engagement. With his ideas, brilliance and unceasing energy, he will make a great City Councillor.
Andrew Caddell
Hello Jide. I am not a resident in your ward but if I were, you would have my vote. I just watched your video about the Senior's Hub. I think it's a fantastic idea. Unfortunately, you are the only candidate I've encountered in a very long list of candidates that is committed to our aging population. As my mother will shortly be forced into a long term facility due to dementia I would like to know if you have any other political partners in this city who would be interested in promoting and bringing forth this possibility.
Justy Dennis
Jide and I are not of the same political affiliations but I can attest that he is a man of character and he is driven by a stong desire for a better Ottawa. I hope you consider his candidacy seriously as he will make you glad you did.
Joel Bernard
I have known Jide for approximately seven years, as a negotiator, lawyer and friend. I can say without equivocation that he is caring, principled and smart. Three traits I believe are essential in a Councillor. Jide brings people together, and he works hard at devising win-win solutions.
Silvia Dake
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