Jide for Capital Ward

Bring Bold Back
Ours is the steadfast belief that every voice matters, whether in debate or in discussion, or in dissuasion or affirmation.
Jide Afolabi

We've started something different in the City of Ottawa.

It is a push to place our city at the vanguard of compelling change.

An unabashed declaration that this city can lead, that this city can do better, and Capital Ward is in many ways an ideal nucleus for that change.

It is a push bringing residents together from all walks of life and neighborhoods, all communities and perspectives, to work at a common cause - a better Ottawa.

So, naturally, we are excited to have you add your voice - at the door or on the phone, on social media or in coffee shops or at the dinner table. The bold Ottawa we all seek must start with the passion and conviction of volunteers, giving of their time as they can - daily, weekly, periodically or as a one-off.

To volunteer, simply visit our Contact page and fill the form. Be sure to answer "yes" to the "Interested in Volunteering" question, and submit.

A member of our team will then reach out to you. Thank you.
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