Jide for Capital Ward

Bring Bold Back

My belief in a bold Capital Ward at the core of a bold Ottawa is grounded on the following concrete policy proposals:

1. Public Engagement
  • Periodic community forms to ensure ongoing councillor availability, independent of consultations held for developer projects
  • Periodic Councillor reports to ward residents on activities at City Hall, leveraging the power of videography and social media
2. Innovative Environmental and Infrastructure Solutions
  • A plastic-asphalt composite roads pilot project to tackle road surface deterioration
  • A local garbage to energy pilot project to eventually achieve zero landfill provisioning
  • Compulsory mixed-use developments on main streets
  • A resident-powered "Smart City" pilot-project
  • A Green Roofs By-Law
  • Enhanced modal separation for pedestrian and bicycle safety
  • The banning of single-use plastics
  • Vertical agriculture for local, intra-city food security
3. Enhanced Neighborhood Services
  • The expanded use of snow plow gates to address post-shoveling city crew driveway blockage
  • A community centre for Heron Park
4. Youth and Seniors
  • A city youth program focussed on skills development, mentorship, volunteerism and democratic engagement
  • Aging-in-place enhancements in partnership with other levels of government
5. Government for the People
  • The strengthening of Ottawa's pre-development consultation by-laws, and the tightening of exemptions, to ensure debacles such as the Immaculata field issue in Old Ottawa East do not re-occur
A detailed outline of each policy proposal will, over the course of the campaign, be incrementally released and made accessible using the navigation area to the right. A few are already available and can be perused at your leisure. Please visit this campaign website often to delve into the others.

Should you be interested in discussing the above policy proposals, or any others, please get in touch with me through the Contact page.
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